Why Fresh Content is King

So you’ve built your company website. There it is, standing stoically in cyberspace, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right? Wrong.

A website is the one kind of project that is never finished. It is in constant need of renewal in order to keep it relevant to your customers, and as a by-product, to the search engines. Put simply, when you add valuable, relevant information to your website, your customers will keep coming back, and your site will be indexed more frequently by search engines, giving you more opportunity to increase your site’s ranking. When you show up closer to the top of the list in a search, the chances are that more potential customers will get to your site, your site becomes more and more relevant, and your business makes more money.

At Say it Loud Writing and Design, we offer a monthly SEO (search engine optimized) Content Update. This consists of:

  • an article ghost-written in your company’s area of expertise, including keywords, that you can upload to your website and all social media platforms (i.e. a coffee shop – Top 10 Coffee Making Devices of 2016)
  • a photo (either taken/recommended/ or edited)

Contact us for a quote on this monthly service (or start with a one-time SEO Content Update to see if you like it).